How to Guide: Strawberry Planting at Home

By: Dr. Parshant Bakshi



Welcome to a journey of growing juicy strawberries right at your home! Follow these simple steps for planting strawberry seeds into a bountiful harvest.

Gather your supplies


Collect strawberry seeds, nutrient-rich potting soil, plant containers, a watering can, and compost.  Estimated time: 1 day.

Harvest Strawberry seeds


Gently press ripe strawberries against a fine mesh to collect tiny seeds. Rinse and air dry seeds for a day.  Estimated time: 2 days.

prepare the potting mix


Mix potting soil with compost for nutrients. Fill plant containers with the mixture. Estimated time: 1 day.

sow the seeds


Plant strawberry seeds in containers, following packet instructions. Lightly mist with water. Estimated time: 1 day.

Germination Begins


Keep containers in a sunny spot. Germination usually starts in 10-14 days. Keep soil moist but not waterlogged. Estimated time: 14 days.

transplanting seedlings


When seedlings have 3-4 leaves, transplant them into individual pots.  Estimated time: 1 day.

Blooms and blossoms


Delicate white blossoms appear. Gently brush with a paintbrush for pollination. Estimated time: 7 days.

Fruit Formation


Strawberries start forming after pollination. Watch them grow and ripen.  Estimated time: 14-21 days.

Enjoy the harvest


Once strawberries are deep red and plump, they're ready to be picked and enjoyed!  Estimated time: 7-14 days.