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Agriculture Courses for SKUAST J Students


Under Graduate Students


  1. Hi Tech Horticulture
  2. Nursery Management & Mechanization
  3. Micro Propagation
  4. Controlled Conditions of Protected Cultivation
  5. Protected Cultivation
  6. Principles of Orchard Establishment
  7. Systems of Orchard Layout
  8. Training of Fruit Crops
  9. Pruning of Fruit Crops
  10. High Density Planting in Fruits
  11. Hydroponics, pH AND EC
  12. Fruit Cracking
  13. pH, EC and Fertilizer Scheduling
  14. Micro Irrigation Systems and its Components
  15. Production Technology of Apple
  16. Production Technology of Flowers

Post Graduate Students


  1. Breeding of Fruit Crops
  2. Breeding of Guava
  3. Breeding of Papaya
  4. Production Technology of Aonla